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Nepal’s people need both spiritual and physical support. Sagoal is a charity that works in Nepal, and provides the Nepalese with the basic necessities for life. 

Many churches in Nepal have little awareness of integral mission, and their own poverty inhibits there ability to help others. Sagoal aims to help these churches materially and spiritually, to bring about a big change.

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  • Mar.26, 2014

    My name is Sanu Chaudhary. I am 20 years old and I live in Bhimdatta Municipality, Kanchanpur District in the far west of Nepal. I have four brothers and sisters and we all live together with my parents. We have a small hut to live in and my parents unable to provide enough food to eat for two meals a day because they had no steady income source and no land to cultivate crops. We were economically very poor. I wanted to go school and to be educated but because we couldn’t afford the fees I had to stop going. My parents wanted me to get married when I was small so that they no longer that to worry about me but I didn't want to. I was desperate for my situation to change but couldn’t see how it ever could, I felt hopeless. 

  • Mar.26, 2014

    'Love your neighbour as yourself' is a command from God that we are reminded of again and again but in practice are we doing it? Do we really love our neighbours?

    Shanti Niwas Church in Bardiya District of Nepal is a practical example of a church that has been living out this command by implementing Integral Mission activites in its community, supported through its partnership with Sagaol over the last 3 years. Sagoal initially encouraged the church to see how it could show Gods love in practical ways to the community. Seeing interest from the church for this Sagoal entered a formal partnership with it to help strengthen this area of its ministry. The Church Core Group (CCG) formed to lead this area of the church’s work and has since done many works for positive change in the community.  One of these has been assisting poor families through the distribution of goats to help families generate an income. Their slogan for the project is 'love your neighbour'.

  • Mar.26, 2014

    Dear Supporting churches,

    Warm greetings from the Sagoal staff in Pokhara, Nepal.  We are very pleased to have this opportunity to share the latest news of our work with local churches in Nepal.

    After the national Constitutional Assembly elections in November, we received news that a Christian had secured a seat under the proportional representation system, a first for our country and a great achievement for representation of the Christian community in Nepal.
    Due to internal conflict within and between the main political parties it was two months after the elections before the Constitutional Assembly parliament sat for the first time but thankfully a new government has finally been formed. The political scenario in the country now seems more peaceful than before, with no politically motivated strikes affecting our work.

  • Dec.3, 2013

    Snow topped mountains to the north of Pokhara, Photo by Steve Collins Dear Supporting Churches,

    Warm greetings from Sagoal, Pokhara, Nepal  

    We, the Sagoal family, wish you a Happy Christmas 2013 and a blessed New Year 2014.

    The weather in Nepal has changed over the last two months and is becoming colder each day. However, it is beautiful in Pokhara at this time of year – sunny and dry and the snow-topped mountain peaks are visible for the whole of each day.

    Some political groups were opposing November’s national elections for the Constitutional Assembly, announcing strikes for many days over the last few months. Despite this, the election passed relatively peacefully on 19 November and it is said that more than 70% of eligible voters cast their votes across the nation.

    All the Sagoal staff have been restricted to working in the office recently because of the strikes. Furthermore, the government requested organisations like us not to organise community meetings during the run up to the election. However, we resumed our visits to our partner churches from the 24th November.

    Be joyful with us as you read of what Nepali churches do at Christmas time.

  • Dec.3, 2013

    Santos, Sarita and their son.

    Last year, Sagoal organised a three-day Integral Mission seminar for one of the four Christian Societies in the district of Chitwan. Around 80 churches sent one or two members each. Sometime later, 22 of these churches from an area called Sirkot called Sagoal saying that they wanted to understand more about Integral Mission and asked Sagoal to run a further two-day workshop, orientating them on an approach called Church and Community Mobilisation.

    After this workshop, individual churches organised small community projects in their own areas such as maintaining a public irrigation canal, rubbish collection and improving access roads/tracks to their communities.

    At the same time, challenged by what they had learnt from Sagoal, the whole Sirkot group of churches felt they should do something to help a community of ethnic Chepang. Chepang people are marginalised and very poor with little formal education, poor housing and poor hygiene. They usually rely on the jungle as their source of food.


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