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92% of Kenyans are Christians, but they lack church leaders who have proper training to educate their villages. The Kenyan people need to be educated about disease, especially HIV, as Kenya is at huge risks from epidemics. 

The Kenya Community Development project works through churches; training leaders, feeding the hungry, and caring for those with HIV.

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  • Jul.3, 2014

    David and Esther collect eggs from their poultry unit

    Esther Karuana Mwangi and her husband David Mwangi Kamenju don’t like to remember how challenging their live used to be. They were poor and struggled to meet their family’s needs.

    They are blessed with two children and have adopted four orphans for their sisters. They own a piece of land where they planted 900 stems of tea which was poorly managed.

    Feeding nine people was a challenge and Esther remembers one time when she had to borrow vegetables from her neighbour who said to her, ‘Did you adopt these children for us to feed them?’

  • Jul.3, 2014

    ADSMKE staff

    Dear Supporting Churches

    We thank God for the churches and communities who are at various stages of the Church and Community Mobilisation Process and for the facilitators who are guiding them on their journey.

    Answers to prayer

    • In our last update we prayed that the 112 facilitators undergoing training will keep the CCMP fire burning in churches and communities, and we thank God that mobilization is going on well. We have been making regular visits to the communities and conducting mentoring sessions with the facilitators.
    • Gichure site have now bought a plot of land for their plans to start processing and marketing other dairy products from their milk to add value to the milk and increase business.
  • Jul.3, 2014

    Veronica and Nicholas 

    Veronica Wanyaga and her husband Nicholas Nyange are farmers in Mbeere Diocese. They are blessed with eight children: five boys and three girls. Three of the children are still in school and the others are out of school and looking for casual jobs.

    Before the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP), they lived a challenging life in the semi-arid area of Mbeere. Nicholas used to leave his family for months at a time to look for employment elsewhere. Veronica stayed at home with the children and faced many challenges. She could not feed the family as was expected of her as she could not afford enough food for supper and for lunch.

  • Mar.18, 2014


    Geoffrey Kaburu is 60 years old and married to Ann Waruguru. They are blessed with two sons: Kelvin Gitonga, 22 and Amos Munene, 18. They own a two acre farm and Geoffrey is a volunteer lay leader at ACK Church Kaanwa in Chuka Archdeaconry in Meru Diocese.

    Before the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) began, Geoffrey used to earn his living as a casual labourer in the neighbouring farms. He and his family lived in a grass thatched house for many years. His family used to get sick regularly due to poor diet and an unhygienic environment, and they used to take herbal medicine as he could not afford to take them to the hospital. The family lacked water for domestic use. He paid his sons’ school fees with great difficulty. Interestingly, he was content with this kind of life as the Bible encourages people to remain poor so as to inherit the kingdom of God. 

  • Mar.18, 2014


    Julius Njogu from ADSMKE tells us how we can pray for them this month:

    • Most of our churches depend on rain for farming. They are now preparing their land for the long rain expected mid to late March 2014. Please pray for enough rains this season.
    • Gaturi community is starting to construct a water supply structure for domestic use and irrigation: Please pray for the success of this undertaking.
    • Give thanks and pray for Lucy Mugendi, a CCMP facilitator at Kinyaga in Mbeere Diocese. She was blessed with a baby girl two weeks ago, however she is still in hospital.


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