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92% of Kenyans are Christians, but they lack church leaders who have proper training to educate their villages. The Kenyan people need to be educated about disease, especially HIV, as Kenya is at huge risks from epidemics. 

The Kenya Community Development project works through churches; training leaders, feeding the hungry, and caring for those with HIV.

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  • Mar.18, 2014


    Geoffrey Kaburu is 60 years old and married to Ann Waruguru. They are blessed with two sons: Kelvin Gitonga, 22 and Amos Munene, 18. They own a two acre farm and Geoffrey is a volunteer lay leader at ACK Church Kaanwa in Chuka Archdeaconry in Meru Diocese.

    Before the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) began, Geoffrey used to earn his living as a casual labourer in the neighbouring farms. He and his family lived in a grass thatched house for many years. His family used to get sick regularly due to poor diet and an unhygienic environment, and they used to take herbal medicine as he could not afford to take them to the hospital. The family lacked water for domestic use. He paid his sons’ school fees with great difficulty. Interestingly, he was content with this kind of life as the Bible encourages people to remain poor so as to inherit the kingdom of God. 

  • Mar.18, 2014


    Julius Njogu from ADSMKE tells us how we can pray for them this month:

    • Most of our churches depend on rain for farming. They are now preparing their land for the long rain expected mid to late March 2014. Please pray for enough rains this season.
    • Gaturi community is starting to construct a water supply structure for domestic use and irrigation: Please pray for the success of this undertaking.
    • Give thanks and pray for Lucy Mugendi, a CCMP facilitator at Kinyaga in Mbeere Diocese. She was blessed with a baby girl two weeks ago, however she is still in hospital.
  • Mar.13, 2014


    Gladys Gacugi Nyaga in her tailoring kiosk The shop generates 20000 per month providing regular income for the family

    This is the story of Gladys Gacugi Nyaga. Gladys is 37 years old, married to Stephen Nyaga Njue and mother to three children: two girls aged 15 and 10 and a son who is 5 years old.

    Gladys and her children live at Kanwa village in Meru county in a rented house. They are members of Kiriribu parish in Chuka archdeaconry: one of the two archdeaconries of Meru Diocese where Church and Community Mobilisation (CCMP) is currently taking place.

    Gladys describes their lives before CCMP as ‘hopeless and miserable, without vision or dreams.’  She considers this kind of life as dangerous and vulnerable. She almost shed tears as she narrated the difficulties they have experienced:

    They could not manage three meals in a day, their children suffered malnutrition and health problems as a result of poor diet, they could not send their children to school due to lack of school fees, their landlord would sometimes close their house since they could not pay rent and she was embarrassed to seek alternative accommodation for her and the children in the neighbourhood. The villagers referred to her as the “poor one”. They lived an isolated life without interacting with other community members. ‘We feared shame and laughter by the community’.

  • Dec.12, 2013


    Mercy in a section of land where they are growing passion fruit and pumpkin

    Mercy Kinyua is from Kiangobe Church in Mutira Archdeaconary. She was transformed both spiritually and economically in her household through God and the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP).

    Mercy lived in difficult conditions; she was the only Christian in her family and her husband was a daily drinker of illegal brew, unconcerned with family matters. The family lived in constant debt and Mercy was the only source of income. The family owned a poorly run tea plantation, they didn’t use the little land they had, and they couldn’t afford their children’s school fees. Mercy didn’t have the time to help with social issues at church.

  • Dec.12, 2013


    Edith and Elizabeth from Kangware church packing mushrooms

    Kagware Church in Mutira Archdeaconary is being taken through the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP). The church members have been transformed by the Bible studies during the process. The members present were very happy as they reflected on recent changes.

    In the past, there was much confusion and disunity in the church. Members had internal family problems which extended to Sunday services – some members could not greet each other. Feelings of hatred and jealousy extended to children too and the church was divided.