Warmis was founded in 2001 by a group of women concerned about rural poverty in Peru.
They are committed to helping communities bring about lasting change that transforms lives.

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funding target £9474 of £60000

Why we're working there

The last few years have seen a steady rise in the standard of living for most people in Peru, but not for those living in rural communities in the region of Cajamarca. They come from one of the most neglected areas in the country with little or no access to development opportunities.

Most families rely on agriculture to make a living, so they are vulnerable to environmental factors such as pests, soil degradation or changes in the weather caused by climate change. Poor education means that most farmers don’t understand how to manage their land properly so struggle to make full use of all that it can provide for them.

Poverty forces many children, particularly girls, to drop out of school and help their families make ends meet. High dropout rates lead to widespread illiteracy and low skill levels, trapping these communities in a cycle of poverty.

One such community is Sulluscocha, where 3 year old Dennis lives with his mother and older sister. Like many men, Dennis’s father moved to the city; seeking work and a better life. He left behind him a family with deep scars and what would have been an uncertain future were it not for Tearfund’s partner Warmis.

The aims of the project

Tearfund and Warmis are working together to help families like Dennis’ change their lives. Warmis is reaching out to church leaders, highlighting the plight of the poorest and how the church can help. Churches are equipped, through training and access to resources, to become agents of change in the surrounding area.

Education and training programmes are teaching new skills and improving literacy. Farmers are learning how to manage their land and now they can feed their families and have enough produce leftover to sell at market. Women are given the skills and confidence to start their own businesses, providing an independent source of income.

Meanwhile, the Children with Hope project is making sure the younger generations are growing up with an education and job training. The cycle of poverty that has trapped these communities for so long, is being broken and villages are learning to stand together.

Every Saturday Dennis and his family attend sessions run by Warmis. Here Dennis and his sister play with friends and are taught bible stories, whilst their mum learns how to make crafts to sell at market. These sessions are also an important chance for women to come together and talk. Many have been left by their husbands, and so talking about it together has been very healing.

Project impact

Warmis want to reach 1,362 people through their work on this project which needs us to raise £164,000 over 3 years.

100 families will benefit from sustainable agriculture projects, which will help ensure they can grow food in the coming years.

360 vulnerable women in rural areas will receive training that will help them to start businesses and earn an income.

360 vulnerable children in rural areas will have the chance of a better future

Pastors and Leaders of 200 Evangelical Churches will be equipped to start this work in their own community with the help and support of Warmis.


1,362 people will have their lives changed by Warmis' work, at an average cost of £120 per person.

  • £26 could give a child the chance of a better future
  • £138 could provide one family with a sustainable income from farming
  • For £380, Warmis can train 10 vulnerable woman to start their own businesses
  • £800 could equip pastors in 10 churches to start bringing change and transformation to their own communities

4222 Lives Changed
6 Connected Churches
45 People Praying