Getting started

As your group get involved with your new link, we want you feel confident and equipped to lead the way and communicate the project to others. Here are some quick steps to follow as you begin your ambassadorship.

1. Get in the know

Can you explain concisely to members of your group what your partner does? To help with this, read the project information and updates on your partner’s project page.  You could even consider investigating their areas of work further on Tearfund’s International Learning Zone There are a host of resources Tearfund have created for our partners to use with local communities - just like the ones you are supporting.

2. Get people on board

Who are the key people you need to have on board and how are you going to introduce them to your link? Are there people in your church or group who can help you to champion your link? Forming a team means you won't be flying the flag by yourself and will generate wider ownership and enthusiasm for your link. Look for a team of positive, willing and helpful people with different skills and involvements in the wider group, e.g. children’s and youth workers, people to write articles for your newsletter, organise a fundraising event, or creative people to produce some resources relating to the issues or stories from your partner, etc.

3. Host an Ambassador’s Reception

Hold an ‘Ambassador's reception’ to get the team all together. And yes, you can serve Ferrero Rocher™ (or a fair-trade alternative) if you want to!

During the reception, you should start by discussing how you’re all going to stay up to date with the project, and how you can generate enthusiasm and support from the rest of your church or group. We send out a regular update email, which as an Ambassador you will be automatically signed up to, but you don’t have to be the only one! Anyone else who wants to receive the updates can sign up via your partner's page on the website.

4. Launch your link

When and how are you going to launch your link to your entire group? You may want to plan a launch event or service - check out the ideas for services section for some resources to help with that.

5. Arrange to engage

Get dates in the diary to share the news and stories you’ll receive from your partner every quarter. Look for opportunities to pray, raise awareness or fundraise together. Make it your mission to ensure the whole group knows what’s going on.

6. Book a Speaker

Contact us to arrange a Tearfund speaker to come and talk to your group; it’s a great way to enthuse people and they’ll even give your church or group's members an opportunity to give as individuals to your Connected Church link.

7. Digging Deeper

Check out the Digging Deeper section for Bible studies and other resources, all about helping people to really get to grips with the issues that you and your partner are tackling.

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