Making the most of your updates

Your Partner updates are put online every three months. They contain news, stories, and prayer points. You will receive an email when new updates are available, and you can view all the recent updates for your project on your project page on this website. We will also share additional updates or prayer points relating to the partner or to wider country issues

What opportunities do you have to share your partner’s stories with your church or group?

  1. In a church service - Could you devote a whole service to your project (perhaps with a Tearfund speaker)? Or is there space for a short update slot, perhaps leading into a time of prayer?
  2. In a prayer meeting - Can you think of different ways to share elements of the update that will inspire and lead others to pray? Each story from your partner will come with a prayer PowerPoint you could use to inspire people to prayer.
  3. In your newsletter - Could you use the latest update as the basis for a reflection or an article, and then include it in your church or group’s newsletter?
  4. Social Media - Join the Connected Church Facebook group for your project and share new updates in your church’s own Facebook group or with other friends via Twitter or Instagram. If you’re unsure how to share posts on Facebook, watch this quick video guide.

You can find ideas from Tearfund and other Connected Churches here, and we’d love to hear yours - please do share them in your Facebook group to encourage and inspire other churches.

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