Three places to find great Bible studies

Bible studies are a great way of wrestling with difficult topics. They help us figure out what God’s plan is for his people and his earth. Here are three places you can find brilliant Bible studies written by Tearfund.

Studies for young people

Our Youth team have years of experience of teaching young people about poverty and the impact it has on people across the world. They have put lots of their wisdom and enthusiasm into brilliant Bible studies and youth group sessions. You can find all of their sessions past and present on Canopy.

Studies for development

Tearfund’s magazine for local development practitioners has been going for 100 issues! In each one they include Bible studies for using with local groups, to help them think about their problems from a biblical perspective. They cover diverse topics, from AIDS and Jesus to Women at Wells. You can find the full list on the Tearfund International Learning Zone, or TILZ.

Studies for advocacy in your local area

Our Advocacy team believes that everyone can be an Ordinary Hero. Making small decisions with a global perspective can have a big impact! They want to see churches like yours being agents of change in their communities. So they created four Bible studies that will start you on the journey to becoming an Ordinary Hero. As well as the studies, you can also find children’s resources, prayer inspiration and videos to use in your church.

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Caroline Barnard
Caroline works for Tearfund in the Connected Church team. She loves reading stories from partners about how they are bringing transformation through their work.



Digging Deeper

How does development actually work? And what does Jesus think about it? Let's Dig Deeper into those questions together.
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CCM bible studies

Bible studies written from the Umoja materials used in Tearfund's work overseas and adapted for a UK audience


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