Bible Study: What's My Part?

Tearfund is a Christian organisation and our faith is the foundation of our vision.

We check our work against a number of professional standards to make sure we are working in the best possible way. As a faith-based organisation it is important for us to do the same with our theology.

About our theology

Our theology informs everything we do: advocacy, relief and community development

Jesus called and commissioned the church to participate in God’s mission to redeem and restore all of creation. In his ministry he shared God’s love through his words, his deeds and his character, and he sought to transform the lives of the people he met in whatever way they needed most. Sometimes this involved healing them, sometimes feeding them and sometimes talking to them about what was wrong in their lives. He valued and served the people he met in ways that enabled them to begin living a full life. Jesus’ life shows us what the kingdom of God will look like. His ministry shows us that mission is holistic - it looks at the whole of someone’s life.

As Christians we take Jesus as our example and ‘go and do likewise’ (Luke 10:37). As we join the body of Christ, we are transformed to be more like him and to do what he did, through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a prayerful and God-guided rhythm that contributes to the whole life transformation of the individuals and communities we serve.

What does this mean for Tearfund’s work?

The Bible tells us that the body of Christ has many parts and that its members participate in God’s mission in different ways. Tearfund was established to enable the church to respond to poverty and disaster and it is in this work we seek God’s justice, restoration and transformation.

Tearfund recognises that poverty is the result of a social and structural legacy of broken relationships with God, damaged understanding of self, unjust relationships between people, and exploitative relationships with the environment. Our theology of mission expresses Tearfund’s belief that God’s love is for everyone, and that the promise of the gospel is the restoration of these relationships at a human and cosmic level. This promise is offered to everyone, regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender.

The studies are perfect for groups who want to get to know God's mission here on earth

We have developed a short series of Bible studies to help you explore this theology in more depth. We have called the series ‘What’s My Part?’ as we know that God calls each of us to play a role in bringing his Kingdom to earth. We would encourage you, once you have become a Connected Church, to go through these Bible studies with your mission team, or in your house groups.

A better understanding of this kind of whole life transformation will help you to engage with your partner’s work on a deeper level. And it may even help you to consider your homegrown mission in a new light. Click the button below to download them.

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Caroline Barnard
Caroline works for Tearfund in the Connected Church team. She loves reading stories from partners about how they are bringing transformation through their work.




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