Amazing Grace

Last week I stood in front of Westminster Cathedral with hundreds of others, to symbolise our solidarity with refugees across the world.

Organised by Citizens UK and Home for Good, the prayer vigil was a chance to bring our heartbreak, frustration and lament to God, together, in public, for the world to see.

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What was perhaps most interesting to an onlooker about the vigil, is that it was made up of Christians, Muslims and Jews, all crying out together for the same thing.

It began with leaders from each of the three religions bringing a thought and prayer from each tradition, and ended with ‘Amazing Grace’ being sung by the crowd, led by the Salvation Army band. Such diverse spiritual beauty!

For me though, one of the most beautiful things was the setting. Here we were, in central London, in one of the most wealthy and powerful squares in the world, singing ancient hymns of freedom. As economics and politics dominate, it is easy to forget that refugees are humans, just like us. Singing, crying and laughing with my diverse brothers and sisters in this square I believe we were reminding the economic and political world of that humanness.

Interfaith dialogue
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As Christians, Muslims and Jews stood together, cried together, lit candles together and prayed together, hope felt holy and tangible. If we could put aside our differences and come together to stand for the common good, perhaps there is hope for the rest of the world.

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Josie Hicklin


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