You are best placed to know when and how to develop a passion for local mission in your church.

Some people will have a wealth of experience, whereas others haven’t even begun to think about helping their community; And you’ve probably got people from both groups in your congregation.

Adapting resources for your own congregation is a key part of the process of equipping your church to do mission locally. We’ve learnt that as we’ve worked with communities overseas time and time again.

Sustainable community transformation requires a deep spiritual foundation, so its vital to lay the groundwork with your church.

Why? Because mission is hard.

Standing against today’s dominant narrative of self-preservation by loving others and sacrificing our comfort for the bettering of the world can be exhausting. It is crucial we build up our congregations to have a passion for their communities and for local mission. A passion that can sustain us through the difficult or disappointing times by rooting us in the love that Jesus gives us for our neighbours.

We have put together a selection of our favourite resources to help you teach your church below and we’d love you to share your ideas with us to help us add to them.

Teaching Resources

Poverty Matters

A series of short films & accompanying guide, to help churches think through their work with those living in poverty.

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Chris Wr

Chris Wright Session

Theologian Chris Wright explores how we can join in God’s restorative mission for the world.

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Bible study guides

Session notes for six bible studies based on the Church and Community Mobilisation sessions used in Uganda.

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Why Tearfund?

A brief look at Tearfund’s role in community development across the world and in the UK.

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Dealing with preconceptions

Engaging in local mission can be a theological challenge for some people...

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