Eagles Relief and Development Programme are part of Living Waters Church, Malawi and are working through the local church to help some of the most vulnerable communities across Malawi lift themselves out of poverty.

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Why we're working there

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over half of its 16 million people live below the poverty line, and one in four struggle to find enough food each day. Around half of children under five are stunted due to malnourishment and malnutrition.

Most of the population depend on agriculture for survival. But more challenges arise year after year leaving millions struggling to feed themselves and their families. The biggest threat is climate change. Unpredictable weather means crops are failing and high food prices mean that many families cannot afford to buy food and so become completely dependent on aid from others.

Poverty is not only physical, it’s spiritual too, and when people become dependent on others for their survival they lack empowerment and self-esteem. Problems are best addressed when local communities take ownership of change and lift themselves out of poverty. Eagles are working in Malawi to bring this holistic transformation.

The aims of the project

Eagles’ vision is to see communities that struggle with poverty become self-reliant, prosperous and healthy; helping communities to access clean water and adapt to challenges brought by climate change to tackle food insecurity.

They do this by mobilising local churches, helping them to work with their communities to identify local needs and find the best ways to meet them. This is particularly important in areas where drought and floods are a recurring threat. Eagles is helping people to find ways of mitigating the destructive effects of disasters.

Food security is a big issue across Malawi, so Eagles are working with local communities to come up with creative ways to grow food; drought-resistant crops, small scale irrigation farming and other techniques are taught to help communities get enough to eat without relying on handouts.

With your support, Tearfund’s partner Eagles can empower Malawians to lift themselves out of poverty. Families will be able to feed themselves, restore their dignity and start a healthier life for the future.

Project impact

This year Eagles want to reach 12,500 people directly and need £50,000 to do it.

  • £720 could fund training for church leaders, empowering and equipping them to identify and address their own communities’ issues using the resources already in their hands.
  • £1,730 could provide 2,500 families with seeds and support to start growing their own food at home, helping tackle food insecurity across Malawi.
  • £143 could plant 100 Moringa trees, helping offset the negative impacts of climate change in local communities.

Join us

There's desparate need and massive potential to change lives in Malawi.

13,000 people will benefit from this project, and it will cost just £4 per person to transform lives in Malawi, working through Eagles and the local church.