What started as small scale clashes in 2011 in the southern region of Syria escalated into a full blown war within months. To date, an estimated 11.7 million Syrian people are in need and over 5 million have fled seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and beyond.

Against the backdrop of a complex and ever-changing humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, Tearfund are working with local partners to bring transformation to those who have lost everything.

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Why we're working there

Lebanon and Jordan host the largest number of refugees per capita in the world. Lebanon has welcomed around 1.5 million refugees, but with another 1.5 million vulnerable Lebanese people, needs remain high. Despite the enormous challenges, Lebanon has remained relatively stable amid regional conflicts and tensions.

In Jordan, one in every 15 people is a Syrian refugee. Most are living on the outskirts of urban areas in small rented rooms, often shared by many families. About a fifth are living in camps and are dependent on monthly rations or allowances.

The situation for refugees in both countries is still very challenging. Most have been out of Syria for a number years. Many struggle to meet their needs and poverty rates in refugee communities can be as high as 80%.

While it is vital to provide for the physical needs of the refugee community, it is equally important to look to their other needs that have an equally devastating long-term effect if left unaddressed.

The aims of OUR WORK

Since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2011, Tearfund has been working with local partners to bring transformation through three main themes; Life, Healing and Hope.

In the initial, emergency phase of our response, our work focused on the theme of Life: providing for the most basic needs of those who have lost everything.

We are responding to the evolving situation by moving into the recovery phase of our response. In this stage, we are working with local partners to reduce dependency, help people recover from trauma and move forwards.

Project impact


Three children looking out of a window

One of Tearfund's partners works with local Lebanese and Syrian families in a particularly vulnerable area. Children from these families not only are vulnerable to hunger and health problems, but to child labour, early marriage, neglect and abuse too.  

This project aims to support vulnerable families by providing counselling and therapy for children and holiday clubs that incorporate social support. Parents will support to help them deal with their own trauma and support their children. There will also be direct social support for families in need. 

340 people (including 240 children) will benefit directly from this project. More than 500 people will benefit indirectly from this work.  


Tearfund is also working to address tensions that exist between the different communities in Lebanon. Anger and resentment caused by previous conflicts can turn into violence and vengeful acts. Tearfund’s partner is addressing this using a ‘Forgiveness Journey’ that helps young people connect with those they see as ‘others’, leading to lasting peace and reconciliation.  

This project will also train 12 external teachers to lead the course helping the partner reach more communities across Lebanon. 

Over the course of the project, at least 780 young people and 12 teachers will benefit directly. A further 2,030 people will benefit indirectly from this work.  


Men doing press ups in a class

Another Tearfund’s partner in Jordan is running fitness classes for refugee men. Alongside workouts, the men learn about leading healthier lives and discuss topics like coping with stress or anger and healthy community values. The ethos of this 12 week programme is one of teamwork, camaraderie and encouragement. 

Now men from different countries call each other brothers and talk about their challenges together. They open up about their fears and goals and hold each other accountable, taking their relationships to an even deeper level. 

320 refugee men will benefit from this project during 2019 and 2020. While their families - further 1,300 people - will benefit indirectly.

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Your gifts will help allow our partners in Jordan and Lebanon to support refugees as they face up to the challenges of life away from home. 

  • A gift of £5,500 per year would pay for a group of young people to go on the ‘Forgiveness Journey’ and become Peacemakers in their communities.
  • A gift of £1,500 per year could help a group of 5 refugee men build new relationships and begin dealing with the trauma they have experienced.
  • A gift of £415 per year help provide psychological or educational support for a vulnerable family in Lebanon.
  • A gift of £250 per year could train a teacher to lead the ‘Forgiveness Journey’ and help bring peace to young people in their school.

Join us

If you and your church know God is calling you to respond to the refugee crisis, pledge your support to our partners across the region.


  • Please pray for an end to the war in Syria and peaceful resolution that allows all those displaced to return home.
  • Pray for good relationships between refugees and their host communities.
  • Pray for refugee mothers, many of whom have been deeply traumatised by their experiences in the last few years.
  • Pray for refugee children, many of whom are facing an insecure future.
  • Pray for protection and strength for Tearfund’s partners as they do an amazing job in a difficult context.
  • Pray that Tearfund's partners can build lasting relationships with refugees that can lead to longer term transformation.
  • Please pray for God’s love and peace cover the region.