Digging Deeper

Ever wondered how Umoja actually works? Or why we think the work we do really is 'following Jesus where the need is greatest'? You're in the right place!

We know development can often seem very complicated, and there are so many acronyms! CCMP, PEP, SHG, KDWSP - it can be hard to keep up. We also know that you are a busy person, so you probably don't have time to read the latest academic paper on gender politics in war, or google 'Community Led Total Sanitation'. But you still want to understand where your church's money is going, and what exactly it is doing. That's where we come in.

We sat down with the development experts at Tearfund, who have done all that reading and googling for us, and come up with comprehensive guides, in simple language, to the way Tearfund does development.

We have included Bible Studies, because we believe Jesus cares deeply about how and why we help people, and we want you to understand that too. We also think the Bible holds incredible wisdom, and we know we need to learn from it to produce transformational results that last a long time.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in! And do Contact Us if there's anything we've missed!

Bible Study Community and Health

Many Christian groups are concerned with meeting either spiritual needs or physical needs. What are our priorities as Christians?

Close up of Bible with page being turned

CCM bible studies

Bible studies written from the Umoja materials used in Tearfund's work overseas and adapted for a UK audience

Three places to find great Bible studies

Hundreds of studies on a range of topics for individuals, small groups, young adults and children.

What’s My Part?

Bible studies to help you find your role in the bringing about of God’s Kingdom.

Explaining Development: Umoja

Umoja is one of Tearfund’s core approaches to helping communities out of material and spiritual poverty. But what does it mean and how does it work?

A group praying

Explaining Development: Prayer & Action

Find out how prayer works alongside development.

africa bible commentary

The importance of thinking globally

Looking for a way to expand your understanding of the Bible? Step right this way with a beginners reading list of global theology.