Gifts and talents auction

Newsong Community Church held an indoor bbq and gifts and talents auction after a Sunday service.

A good proportion of the church came and enjoyed time eating together and learning a bit more about Cambodia and CHO, through a quiz.

For dessert they shared a home made cake that was decorated to look like the Cambodian flag.

After the food, one of the church elders auctioned off a large number of items which had been donated by church members.

These included:

  • handmade craft items
  • a drive in an Aston Martin
  • a nights babysitting
  • two car washes
  • 1 hour session with a personal trainer
  • 1 hour riding lesson
  • 4 bags of well rotted manure!
  • a full house clean
  • a traditional African dinner for 4
  • 3 loaves of homemade bread
  • a batch of homemade biscuits
  • vouchers donated by 2 local hairdressing salons
  • an afternoon tea for 4

It was a great time and over £700 was raised on the day for CHO, which included auction proceeds and bbq donations. Further donations were made the following week, bringing the total to around £800.

What a great opportunity for people to use their personal gifts and skills to bless others.

Why not organise a gifts and talents auction for your own church or group?