Love running

Love Running started in 2009 at Woodlands Church, Bristol in the South West of England. The vision was to enter 50 ordinary people from the church - and their friends - into the city 10k road race to raise money for charity.

In the end, 300 people signed up raising over £70,000.

The next year both figures doubled and Love Running has since spread across the United Kingdom and overseas to South Africa and Australia.

It’s an incredible initiative that helps ordinary people do extraordinary things. It’s about engaging with your communities, making a difference to people’s lives, and doing yourselves some good while you’re at it.

Different places, different expressions

It varies in practice from place to place, but the ethos is always the same - get fit, get friends, change the world.

Love Running Manchester raised £6K last year for the Pakistan floods; they are doing it all over again this year with 3 more churches on board and 100 runners on 20th May as well as Love Running in Bristol with over 300 runners involved!

Love Running Bristol will be giving Tearfund a third of all money raised; currently their total stands at £43,100.88.

Love Running is a brilliant way for a church to engage in their community whilst raising money for Tearfund! You can find out more about the initiative at