Inspiring your mission at home

As you witness the wonderful projects our Connected Church partners are running to address poverty in their communities overseas, we want to support you in doing the same in your community.

Poverty in the UK is not just physical: there is great poverty of relationships and identity too. Family and community breakdown, isolation, loneliness, depression, addiction, debt and abuse across the UK have left many broken, vulnerable and lacking in hope.

As with all of Tearfund’s work, we believe that the answer lies in the hands of local churches that are filled with Christians, passionate about bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.

Thriving individuals and flourishing communities are at the heart of our work. We hope this section will become a place to envision, equip, empower and enable your local church to help those most at need in your community.

We will be updating this page on a regular basis with news, blog posts, resources, jobs and various other useful bits and pieces, so do keep checking back. If you would like to know more, please do just get in touch with me.

As a Church we are committed to working with and for our local community and we want to learn and grow as we do it. We really hope that our partnership with Sahaara will shape and form our learning, growth and passion for local mission as well as the support it brings to Sahaara.

Matt Currey, Connected Church Ambassador at St John's Church, Southall

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