Assess your impact

You don’t need to wait until the end of the process to start evaluating.

At regular points throughout the life of your project, set up team meetings where you ask yourselves three key questions:

Are we doing what we set out to do?
Are we making a difference?
Can we be using our skills, experience and money differently?

A key principle in asking all these questions is to involve as many different interested groups as possible such as the beneficiaries, volunteers, staff, local council or statutory bodies.

As far as possible it is really good to get the beneficiaries involved in not only gathering the information but also analysing it and drawing conclusions about how the project is done.

”Don’t be afraid to move on. Sometimes things flourish and other times they die. Some projects run successfully for a few years then peter out; we’re okay with that, as when they end it gives space for something new to grow.”
Bill Shaw, 174 Trust

Use our evaluation activities with your group at the end of your project to assess your impact, feedback, celebrate and move forward.