Get organised

‘Good administration underpins all successful organisations. Investing in administration support releases and empowers everyone in the organisation to focus on the role and responsibilities they have been called to, avoiding distractions and allowing God to use our time to the full.'

Catherine Marshall, Signal

Even the most noble of good deeds can fall apart without good organisation. Just because it’s a voluntary role you’re taking on for this project, doesn’t mean you can’t be strategic and professional.

Look at how often you are coming together as a group to discuss current plans and give an opportunity for evaluation and feedback. How often are you feeding back to the church as a whole? Accountability to others outside of your team is a good way to ensure quality and that you are continuing to keep your original mission and the Kingdom mentality front of mind in your work.

Consider approaching people within your church who have professional expertise they can offer, even if they cannot commit to being a part of your day-to-day project team. Setting up a board of trustees with these people is a great way of keeping you on track and getting help and advice from professionals who are on your side. Read more here on what makes a good trustee and how to put together a board.

Use our templates section to help you keep on top of everything from finances to recruiting volunteers to recording stories of impact.