Spread the word

Spread the word about what your church is doing with the wider community, and the country!

Develop a PR, marketing and fundraising plan rather than doing things ad hoc. If you don’t have the skills within your group or church, seek out someone who has.

Capturing figures and stories of positive change is important. This is invaluable for funders’ reports and encouraging more individual supporters, as well as getting good news stories out to the press about your project.

Think of a variety of ways to get money:

  • grants
  • donor database
  • innovative income ideas
  • hiring out facilities
  • social enterprise
  • statutory funding
  • events (eg supporter dinner dance, sponsored hike)

Don’t forget, as part of your PR, to develop good relationships with managers of local supermarkets, banks, small businesses,newspapers. They will help promote your work, take you on as their ‘Charity of the Year’, and provide volunteers and gifts in kind.