Getting started

What are we trying to achieve?

As we listen we want to get deep down into understanding the root causes of the issues that are coming up.

The idea is to hear the voices you wouldn’t normally get a chance to, giving a fresh perspective on your local community.

Who should we speak to?

Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started:

  • Try to speak to members of the community who are right in the thick of it: teachers, youth group leaders, your neighbours, medical professionals, social workers, police, shop owners and faith leaders from across all religions in your area.
  • Visit community groups: youth groups, community centre activities, the elderly in care homes (you could offer to hang out with those that don’t get many visitors whilst you are there!) and advice and welfare centres.
  • Remember to include children too – they often bring a fresh perspective and innocent truth on community life that we can miss in adults. Do make sure you have any necessary safeguarding requirements before engaging with children.
  • See if you can find ways to speak to groups of people you may identify as part of the problems in the community – get creative!