Reflection session

‘Whatever you do for me, without me, you do against me’.

We invite you to spend time quietly reflecting on these words and their meaning for your context. You could then do this with the wider group, opening space for discussion on listening and involving the community using the questions below as a guide:

  • What do you think is meant by these words?
  • The quote talks about the subtleties involved in helping the poor and marginalised. What do you think some of the impacts would be if we didn’t listen to and involve the community and instead just rushed in and set up a project we thought they needed?
  • Share examples of times when you have had things done to you. How did they make you feel? What was your response?
  • What do you think are some of both the short and long term benefits of listening to local people?
  • What do you think some of the barriers will be to us listening to our community well?