Getting started

Get dreaming

Start by giving people free reign over their ideas for what they would like to see happen in the community.

Dream big! Nothing is too far-fetched at this stage. Think creatively and imaginatively about the changes you hope to see in the community, now you know the struggles people facing.

Then, as a group, reveal those to each other – perhaps through a group discussion or displaying written dreams in shared space. What are the common themes? Which areas give you the most enthusiasm as a group?

What do you already have in your hands?

Think back to when you spent time celebrating your church.

What resources you have as a wider church – do you have parts of your building not being used and space is your resource, or do you have a number of generous people in your congregation and money is your resource?

Get moving!

Now pair up your dreams with the resources you have and get planning! Use the other resources in this Taking Action section to help you