Why Tearfund

The local church is the hope of the world

Tearfund have a long history of empowering communities across the world to lift themselves out of poverty.

Tearfund listens: helping people to take control of their situations, utilising their resourcefulness and determination. We work alongside local churches and other locally-based organisations to help realise plans for a better future.

As we see our work bring hope overseas we want to use our expertise and experience to bring that same hope to vulnerable communities in the UK.

Church and Community Transformation

Overseas we call our process Church and Community Transformation (CCT). CCT is the heart and soul of Tearfund. It has been developed over many years and consistently leads to the most successful and long-lasting transformation of people's lives.

By working with and through local churches we facilitate long-term solutions to communities’ problems, addressing the root causes of poverty in participatory ways.

These local mission pages and resources take the core principles of CCT and translate them into a UK context for your church to use in your local community.

Click here to download a short powerpoint for church services outlining what we do and how we do it