The best place to start on the local mission journey is exactly where you are.

The story of Moses holds great wisdom for those of us pursuing social justice. It’s about a boy growing up surrounded by privilege, in a city full of slavery and oppression. Moses grows uncomfortable with the inequality before him, despite the fact it has always worked in his favour.

The brokenness of our world means many of us benefit from injustice; God shows us through Moses that there is hope for us all. There is a counter-cultural way to use our privilege to stand up against injustice, and it starts with two things...

1. Holy ground

Firstly God calls Moses to take off his shoes because the land he is standing on is holy. There is a reminder for us to stand reverently and prayerfully before God as we begin this journey; to acknowledge that this is holy work and that we are holy people. God has entrusted your local community to you. We have written a guided prayer and reflection session that you can download below to help you do this as a group.

2. All I have needed Your hand has provided

Secondly God asks Moses to use what he already has in his hands. God doesn’t ask for Moses to be anything other than who he already is. Our God-given strength in standing up against injustice lies in being exactly who we are, where we are, and with what we have.

Sometimes we’ve come across churches and communities that feel entirely powerless to affect change for the better or address the deep seated issues that they see in their community. Time and time again we’ve seen the word of God unlock the hidden potential of the church and its community and we have the privilege of experiencing the resulting transformation.

What to do

The resources in this section will help you explore and celebrate what your church already has in its hands; the triumphs you’ve already seen and the potential that you have. From here you can begin to think about who God is calling you to be and the work he might be asking you to do.

We'd suggest that before you move on, you make sure your church knows deeply that local mission is something God is calling you into. And that they feel encouraged and empowered because of what they've done in the past no matter how small or seemingly unimportant.

May God bless you powerfully in this.


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