Do not be afraid

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Tearfund's website editor, Isobel Peaty, looks for ways to dispel the fear....

I was listening to the news the other morning and I just wanted to switch it off. It was the kind of report that should come with health warning: gangs targeting children, trafficking them for use in the sex trade. Not something you want to hear as you make your first cup of tea.

But it goes on. We know it does. The global figures are horrific. And I know I have a choice, to turn my back as I turn off my radio, in fear and denial, or face up to the darkness and find a way to engage.

Thank God, Jesus offers us an immediate way to confront major issues in the world – prayer. If I resolve to pray into something that terrifies me, that’s a pretty excellent start. But there is another option that Tearfund’s making available to churches and it’s changing people’s lives, both around the world and at home in the UK.

Brighton Road Baptist Church in Horsham, Sussex, has faced the darkness of human trafficking through Connected Church and it’s given them a way to do what Jesus commands: to shine as a light in the darkest places. Through their relationship with Tearfund partner Cambodia Hope Organisation (CHO), they’ve been able to form friendship, personally encourage and support, and pray for Chomno In, CHO’s director, whose life’s work is committed to tackling the trafficking of men, women and children across the borders of Cambodia. It’s the kind of relationship that can dispel fear and transform churches, as well as making genuine in-roads into human suffering.

Find out what Brighton Road Baptist Church thought of their recent visit by Chomno, and how they feel they’ve benefitted from connecting their church with their brothers and sisters in Cambodia. And you can read more about the work of CHO here.

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