Autumn greetings from Kigezi

Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Prog

Warm greetings from Uganda to our brothers and sisters in the UK!

Our team would like to extend our love and appreciation for all your continued support and prayer for us. Your spiritual support has been invaluable and has allowed us to grow in strength and in the service of God and humanity - we thank you.


We have been blessed with a good rainy season after a long period of drought which seriously damaged crops and affected the sole-livelihoods of so many people. Now that we have had better conditions, communities are hard at work planting maize, beans and irish potatoes which will help to end the hunger caused by the dry spell earlier this year.


Communities have been opened with new roads being built to help small-holder farmers access the market, which is a great decision by the local governments after a long period of advocacy.

Please pray for wise counsel...

From a wider political perspective, Uganda itself is in a critical stage of decision making which will affect the future stability of not only our country, but the entire region of Africa. There is mass discontent with so much corruption, bribery and influence taking place, so peace is at stake with these decisions - please pray for wise counsel for these decision-makers.


With the political destruction in DRC, Rwanda, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Kenya and Burundi, our country is seeing thousands and thousands of refugees pour into our country, with many more internally displaced because of natural disasters caused by climate change. Uganda is in the midst of a severe humanitarian crisis and security is a big concern.

These areas need disaster relief services and long term solutions.

Landslides and erosive floods have wreaked havoc on local communities. Houses and livelihoods have been destroyed, leaving 60 families homeless and 6 gravity flow water projects damaged. These areas need disaster relief services and long term solutions - food, shelter, clothing, seeds and disaster risk reduction training to avoid such catastrophic effects from future disasters.


  • We were overjoyed to be a part of the wedding of one of our community trainers Eliza Beth, we have prayed that God will bless this new marriage with resources in their young married lives - please join us in this!
  • KDWSP has completed has completed Kitanga GFS with 49 tapstands and pipeline network of 19.5 kilometres serving over 6000 people.


We are in the planning stages for the next three year’s work, which is an exciting and challenging time. We have had opportunity to reflect on the challenges facing Uganda and the solutions for all Dioceses in the area, to empower them to use the Church and Community Mobilisation Process and lift many more out of poverty.
Our priority areas for the next phase will be:

  • Improving access to safe water for many more communities, as well as water for refugee camps in the country. We will couple this with promotion of sanitation and hygiene best practices, so that we can help improve the health of many communities.
  • Food security and promoting conservation farming, supporting farming communities with water.
  • Engaging other dioceses in Uganda to build resilient communities and reduce the risks of natural disasters.
  • We hope to expand our work beyond Kigezi diocese, as we see there is so much great need elsewhere, and we believe we have the resources and experience to help many more people.


  • Pray for the homeless families to find some relief and re-settlement to have a home and hope for tomorrow.
  • Some families have lost their dear ones especially being washed away by the torrents of storms. Two primary six pupils were washed away on their way from school. Hospitals and homes submerged. Pray that the Lord will comfort the bereaved families and help His people from such a calamity.
  • Pray that God will guide our team as we expand to cover the entire country and work in new contexts and dynamics.
  • Pray that we may find resources to engage with disaster affected communities to help devise short term and long term solutions to the crisis.
  • Pray for peace and stability for Uganda and the wider region

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Kenneth Twinamatsiko

Kenneth Twinamatsiko, is the Advocacy and Documentation Officer for the Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation programme in South Western Uganda