Greetings to you dear friends from Malawi! We send you Christmas greetings from all the communities and people that you support through Connected Churches.

The support you have consistently provided is making such a big difference. For instance, some farmers are planting sorghum and millet seed they received from Eagles more than 3 years ago, which they have been multiplying year by year. Your giving has helped improve food security and strengthen community resilience to disasters and poverty.

With 2019 being the year Cyclone Idai affected the three countries of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, life has been really difficult for rural communities. However, people have not given up hope. Because of our work people feel they have friends who care about them and they can trust to stand with them through difficult times.
“Continue the good work you are doing, and never get tired of doing good”, one local pastor said to some of our staff earlier this month.

May the Christmas holidays bring a new season into your lives, and may you experience the presence of God more closely than ever before. 

Merry Christmas!

Continue the good work you are doing, and never get tired of doing good.

A local pastor


  • Support for flood victims.
  • The opening of a community-based child care centre supporting 93 children
  • Training of pastors by Eagles.
  • No Cholera incidences.


  • Pray that good rains that will enable communities to plant and grow their crops so they have enough food for their families.
  • Ask God for peace, unity, and stability in the nation.
  • Thank God for His continued protection from diseases such as malaria and cholera.
  • And finally pray that people would come to understand the true meaning of Christmas as they celebrate with their local churches.