Peter standing in the yard in front of the PAG field office, about to tell his story
Peter after the training with PAG (Photo: Tearfund/PAG)

The conflict in South Sudan has seen armed groups going from home to home killing and raping people. Villages have been burned to the ground. Children have gone for days without eating. 

Peter*, from Torit State in South Sudan, is 26 years old. When the fighting got close to his village everyone fled for their lives. Peter ended up getting separated from his family and arrived in Uganda ahead of them. 

His journey ended in the Rhino camp where he was all alone. He had no way of contacting his family and no way of knowing if they were alive and safe. Without them he was lonely and anxious, longing to see his family.

In the camp the local church reached out to him and became a spiritual family to him. They have loved and supported him as he has struggled to come to terms with all he has been through.

I have no relatives here. I had no one who could help me. But I thank God because now I am in the church. 

Not long after Peter arrived, PAG invited him to join their new Church and Community Mobilisation programme in the camp. The first training session involved looking at the bible studies and training about trauma. As they studied Genesis together Peter was comforted by God’s love for those he has created.  It has helped to heal the pain he feels as a result of the trauma he has been through…

I thank God that this training is helping us. It has changed my life. Before, I was not like this. It has released me from pain and trauma.

Peter has been grabbed by the truth that he is made in the image of God. It has given him a sense of value, and a sense of purpose. Having been healed of so much hurt he is keen to help others and he knows the key to freedom is forgiveness. 

The first group of facilitators standing in front of PAG's field headquarters
The whole group after the training (Photo: Tearfund/PAG)

I thank God that this training is helping us. It has changed my life. Before, I was not like this. It has released me from pain and trauma.


We are learning these things so that we can take them and change our nation. I feel in my heart that in our country we do not have forgiveness.  We have anger and bitterness in our hearts. We need to have a heart of forgiveness.  When we do we can heal our nation.

Wherever I go in South Sudan or here I am going to help someone who is having a trauma. I will go and help because this training cannot stop here.

Peter has received wonderful news about his family. They are alive and safe living further north in Bidibidi Camp. He has managed to make contact with them and is looking forward to being reunited with them.

Peter has good reason to have hope for the future. He has seen that God can heal hearts and has faith that he can heal a nation. He is looking forward to seeing his family again. He is overflowing with gratitude to PAG for all they have done for him! 

I thank PAG so much - may the Holy Spirit of God be with them. May Almighty God help them and protect them.

*Name changed

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