Greetings from the Eagles team in Malawi! All staff members and the people we work with extend their appreciation to you. 2019 has been a difficult year but one where we have been able to share God’s love, provision and blessing through out work. Thanks for being a part of this journey, your prayers and financial gifts mean so much.

Disaster relief and the beauty of the local church

This year has been defined in Malawi by the severe flooding caused by cyclone Idai. Since March all our efforts have been focused on disaster response, initially meeting immediate and urgent needs such as rescuing people, providing food and makeshift shelter, then more recently moving into the long-term phase of our disaster response. We have been working night and day to make this transition as robust as possible, and will have our long-term strategy proposal completed soon.

Upon reflection of this difficult year, the key thing we want to share with you is the impact of your giving so far. Over the years in partnership with Tearfund, we have implemented many projects to reduce disaster risk and community resilience: irrigation farming, provision of safe drinking water, water treatments and Church and Community transformation project, which has empowered many local churches to implement numerous community development, locally-led projects of their own. The local church is truly the hope of the world in these villages - caring for the sick and needy in a time of such darkness.

One of the most miraculous results of our work was that there was no cholera outbreak in any of the villages we work in! They have also been able to share some seed amongst other communities, and although a three fields have pests, the majority have stayed healthy.

A man tending his crops with a hoe

Some challenges

Whilst there are many positive things we can focus on, the reality is that the floods have devastated the lives of many. Hundreds of people who we know through various community projects have had their crops washed away by the floods, leaving them hungry and without any produce to sell. We are able to help, and local churches are doing all they can to make sure nobody goes hungry, but it will be a long and difficult journey for people to get back to where they were before the floods.

There is also some political instability across the country due to disputes and protests over the results of the presidential elections, currently being contested in court. As well as conflict and disruption, this is negatively affecting the economy of the country, and the amount of money people we work with can sell their crops for.

Please pray with us

  • Please pray for continued resilience of communities living in the aftermath of the flooding. Please also pray for God’s provision as they prepare their gardens for the coming growing season.
  • Please pray for continued peace in Malawi.

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