When PAG begins training churches to use their Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP), they always start with the church leaders. Why? Because the church leader is so important. Over the years, they have found that when the church leader embraces CCMP, the impact in the church is greater and more people see their lives transformed.

We all know that our church leaders are influential, if they recommend something then we listen. If they speak from experience then we listen more. The same is true in CCMP. 

Peter* is a church leader who understands this. His church was one of the first to run the CCMP training when PAG introduced it. When they started, he was chosen as one of the church’s facilitators. His role was to lead the church through the training; guiding the congregation at each stage of the process and helping everyone join in.

As he took part in the training, Peter thought about how he could improve his income. He decided to start farming sheep. He began breeding sheep, selling the males and keeping the females so he earned a living while his flock grew.

Thanks to the sheep farming, Peter earned enough to send his children to school and then on to University. But it has another use too! When he is facilitating CCMP in another village, Peter uses his flock to inspire people. He can tell them how he began from a place just like them, but now he earns a living from farming sheep.

Peter and his flock of sheep

It doesn’t stop there either. He often invites people round to see the paddock where he keeps his sheep - and the shelter he has built for them. It acts as a demonstration so people can learn the techniques that will help them raise their own flocks. 

By sharing his experiences, like this, more people are benefiting from Peter’s flock than his family. He is just one of many church leaders setting an example across Uganda. Not only do they inspire and educate, they help reassure people that new crops or techniques are safe and worth trying.

*Peter's name has been changed

story of the sheep farm

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