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Connected Church is a simple way to connect with poverty, to see lives transformed - and a chance to change your own community.

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Why you should use our support for your overseas connection.

Gifts are exchanged in Tanzania as people meet for the first time

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How do we help our churches become generous beyond finances?

Photo: Marcus Perkins/Tearfund

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If you're linked with a church overseas you can find some handy tips and advice here.

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Questions and answers about Connected Church, finances and going on trips.

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Travellers questions

When you visit a Partner, it can bring up some challenging questions.

Prisca (39), who is living with HIV, working in her tailoring business in Koumassi, Abidjan, with her 16 year old daughter.

Tailored Relationships

Create a bespoke relationship for your church, Diocese, network, area or local community.

Bolivia. Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

How we work

We are recognised for our professional expertise in development, disaster response, disaster risk reduction and advocacy.