Already have a link?

If you already have a link with a church overseas, this section will give you lots of tips and advice to help you build fruitful and sustainable relationships.

There’s nothing like learning from others’ mistakes – it can save a lot of energy, time and tears. Building a relationship with a church or project overseas can be a rich and rewarding experience for everyone involved – but there are also plenty of pitfalls to beware of. 

Tearfund has 40 years’ experience of working with churches overseas, and we’d love to share some of what we’ve learnt with you, hopefully to help you out.

Good projects

How to weigh up the multitude of areas that make up an effective project

Listening to people

Don’t just try to fix me, listen to me first.

Theresa Malila, Tearfund Inspired Individual challenges sexual violence in Malawi. Photo: Tearfund

Culture matters

A successful relationship is built on cultural understanding.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Money matters

Establish understanding and put measures in place to prevent problems arising.

Angola: Tearfund partner IERA are building houses, helping people to return home after decades of conflict. Photo: David Bainbridge/Tearfund

Building projects

What to consider when you're thinking about building something.

Sending Goods Overseas

Is it ever a good idea?

Travelling overseas

Top tips for a smooth trip.

Photo: Margaret Chandler/Tearfund

Keeping safe and healthy

Keep you and your team safe and well whilst abroad.