Safety tips

Assess risks before you embark on your trip, and decide how you can take action to mitigate them.

Take local advice on safety, e.g. in public places such as crowded markets where there may be increased risk of theft (as a foreigner you may be very conspicuous and present an easy and tempting target).

If you’re carrying cash in another country, make sure it’s securely stowed about your person. Keep it concealed, and be aware of the risks. Keep a smaller amount to cover anticipated spending accessible in your pocket.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Photo

Be careful in road travel (worldwide, it’s a major cause of injury and death among travellers).  Use a seat belt if one is available, and don’t worry about telling the person driving to slow down if you feel at risk. Avoid driving yourself.

Be careful about what you photograph: in some countries there may be local sensitivity or strict official penalties for people taking photographs of or near sensitive sites – this is obviously likely to include military installations, but could also apply to strategic locations such as railway stations, bridges etc, and anything that might be deemed to reflect negatively on the country you’re visiting.


Health Tips

Looking after your health is particularly important when you're travelling overseas. Here are some basic tips to help you stay well on your trip.

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