Anglican Church of Kenya

The Anglican Church of Kenya are working with local churches and leaders across the country to equip them with both practical and biblical tools to help their congregations work together to bring about positive change for their whole community.

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Why we're working there

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With 45% of the population living below the poverty line, Kenya is a country of extreme inequality. Even though only 17% of the land is suitable for growing crops, the majority of the country is rural and relies on agriculture for daily income. Weak infrastructure across Kenya also means that the entire rural population are forced to rely on its own subsistence farming for food. The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) are working in these rural communities, where job opportunities and access to basic services are scarce. Poor housing, lack of food, unclean water and poor education and healthcare are the norm.

These problems are best addressed when local communities take ownership of change and lift themselves out of poverty. The Anglican Church of Kenya works with eleven dioceses, including Thika and ADSMKE who Tearfund have partnered with for many years, to support some of the poorest districts across the country to release their God-given potential to overcome the challenges of poverty.

We are partnering with the Anglican Church to mobilise, equip, and support the diocesan leadership to continue bringing holistic transformation across the whole of Kenya.

How churches change communities

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The Anglican Church of Kenya works through a process called Church Community Transformation. This approach is a bible based approach that equips the church with practical tools for ministry, helping their congregations work together to bring about positive change for their whole community.

Based on over twenty years of experience of working throughout Africa and Asia, this approach (locally called ‘Umoja’ which means together in swahili) brings an alternative approach to development. The process seeks to build on the resources communities have, encouraging the discovery of new skills and expertise within a community. It is bringing fresh energy and excitement to churches and communities concerning the positive changes they can be part of themselves.

Church Community Transformation in Kenya

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Church community transformation does not work by the partner telling a church what to do to address issues of poverty, nor is it prescriptive. Rather, the partner will journey alongside the church and its leadership to dialogue with their community and to work out what they, together, want to change first.

Tearfund supports the Anglican Church of Kenya to work specifically with diocesan leadership, church committees, clergy and lay leaders who are trained to lead and facilitate community group bible studies. This is a critical part of the process which aims to teach people that God has given each person great worth and has provided them with the resources needed to lift themselves out of poverty. People identify their resources and work with each other to generate an income that will start to turn their lives around.

In the Kenyan context, the Anglican Church is scaling up church community transformation through ‘Msamaria Mwema Groups,’ which is translated as the ‘Good Samaritan’ groups. These groups are formed as a result of the envisioning stages through the bible studies; enabling the church and community to work together in developing innovative solutions to tackle some of the immediate needs facing their specific community or family.

Results we have seen

Through Church community transformation, whole communities are envisioned and the process is helping people to start businesses, join self help groups and advocate to local governments. These results have been instrumental in empowering those who feel trapped in cycles of poverty to boost their self esteem and cement relationships between church and community. Such unity and holistic transformation has also been a catalyst for stimulated economic growth.

Join us

In the next year, the Anglican Church of Kenya will continue to review the progress of Church community transformation in the eleven dioceses across Kenya they are working with. The aim is to help its leadership to develop tools and action plans with churches; training up more facilitators and establishing more Msamaria Mwema Groups.

  • A gift of £200 per year for three years could provide training for senior leaders in a community to begin the Church community Mobilisation journey.
  • A gift of £1,130 per year for three years could fund mentoring and support sessions through the Church Community Mobilisation process for 7 communities.
  • A gift of £4,489 per year for three years could cover the cost of regional direction meetings, ensuring strong CCM programme development across Kenya.