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  • The Borehole handpump

    The Journey to a Borehole

    As three communities await the completion of new boreholes, find out more about the journey they will have been on together to reach this point.

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  • Water from the Borehole

    It used to take 10 hours

    Helen* is 55 and lives in the community of Nazibulla. As the rainy season draws closer, Helen shares her memories of drawing water and how life has changed since the drilling of boreholes began in her local area.

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  • Drilling continues with the dry season

    As the dry season continues, so does drilling. New boreholes are springing up all around Zambia and villages are making preparations for the next season of their plan - to tackle poverty.

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  • The hidden danger of the river

    In Koolwe village, a community where most are farmers who depend on the annual rainfall, nearby streams can be vital. But along their lengths are hidden dangers. Find out how life has changed for Paul* and his community since the building ...

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  • Betty walking home

    The walk to the Well

    When Betty and Jimmy’s nearest well ran dry, they were forced to look elsewhere. But when the next nearest water sources are 4km and 10km away this can change your whole day.

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