Beauty finally gets to sleep

Frequent headaches, tiredness, lack of concentration - does this list sound familiar? A combination of too much caffeine and not enough sleep means that a lot of adults in the UK suffer from these symptoms! But what would you think if an 11 year old told you she was feeling like this?

Beauty, 11, used to suffer from headaches all the time. They would interfere with her school work and often she would fall asleep in class. Getting an education in Zambia, where Beauty lives, can make an incredible difference to your future. Falling asleep in class everyday meant that Beauty was missing out on lessons that could change her life.

Walking for water

And it was all for water. There was no water source in Beauty’s village so everyday she would walk several miles to queue at the local secondary school’s borehole and get enough water for her family. The borehole was meant only for the school so sometimes Beauty would be chased away by school officials when she tried to use it. Then she would have to walk to the Zambezi River, which was even further away and the water wasn’t clean.

Beauty trying out the borehole

Then, a few months ago, Tearfund partner Brethren in Christ Church Zambia (BICCZ) drilled a borehole in her village. Now she can draw clean water a few hundred metres away from her house! Her day to day life is easier - now she can wash her school uniform whenever she needs to, instead of just once a week like before. But what is truly amazing is the difference the borehole could make to her whole life.

Change that lasts

'I have even started performing well in school. I am no longer tired like I used to be before the borehole was drilled in our community.' Beauty

Other members of the community using the borehole

Education is transformational, and could improve Beauty's future life far beyond her expectations. And Beauty is from just one of over 150 families who are benefiting from this borehole, drilled by BICCZ thanks to support from you and Tearfund. We have told you the story of just one girl, but we know that many lives will be changed thanks to this!

Prayer points

  • Pray for Beauty, that she continues to do well in her studies now that she can concentrate for the whole day!
  • Pray for the team looking after the borehole, that they would be able to take good care of it
  • Thank God for the transformation that clean water brings to a community! And ask for provision to drill many more boreholes.

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Ginwell Yooma

Ginwell Yooma works for the Brethren in Christ Church in Zambia