A grandmother walks miles for clean water

Grandparents who were walking 10 kilometres for clean water and praying daily for a borehole, finally see a miracle happen in their village.

76 year old Masiye Mabote and his wife Zita Mwiya (68) live in Mulumani village, about 45km from the town of Sesheke in Western Zambia. They have five grown up children who have all left the nest and had children of their own.

But these grandparents haven’t been able to settle down and relax. Instead they have been facing a daily struggle for clean water.


For a long time in their village, the main source of water has been an open well. The community had to dig a very deep well by hand to find water. But the area is very sandy so to avoid it collapsing they had dug on an anthill where the ground was more packed.

Masiye and Zita
Masiye and Zita with the new borehole

I could hardly believe it when I saw the wooden ladders they had propped up on the sides. I couldn’t imagine Zita climbing down there - I was scared to even look! But this community had no other way of getting water.

Unless they wanted to walk for ten kilometres that is. The nearest proper borehole was five kilometres away. Anyone who wanted clean drinking water had to walk there.

‘We had no option. Three times in a week I had to walk to the next village to get clean drinking water. It was not easy walking that far!’ Zita Mwiya


Admiring the Borehole
The community admiring the borehole

The plight of this village was clear, but it took Zita speaking up to bring it our attention. When the team from the Brethren In Christ Church went to Mulamani to conduct a meeting on farming techniques in 2014, Zita showed them the well and explained how hard it was to get clean water.

The BICC team were touched and asked Zita and Masiye to be praying with them for God’s intervention. Every day the couple would wake up early and faithfully pray for a borehole.


Recently we were able to come back and fulfill their prayers by drilling a borehole in Mulamani. Zita cannot contain her excitement!

‘God has finally answered our prayers. A borehole has been drilled about 20 metres from our house! We are so grateful to God for the answered prayer! It is a miracle. Clean drinking water at our door step! We are so happy.’ Zita Mwiya

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Ginwell Yooma

Ginwell Yooma works for the Brethren in Christ Church in Zambia