A partnership between New Wine and Tearfund, working to see local churches change a nation.

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Poverty tricks people into thinking they have nothing, and leaves them feeling worthless and alone. But God tells us that we're full of potential and blessed with gifts and resources.

By joining with us, you can help equip churches across Uganda to lead their communities out of extreme poverty - changing their nation one person at a time.

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Why Uganda?

In Uganda, of every 1000 babies born, 64 will die before they're five years old. More than 1 million children have been orphaned as a result of AIDS, just 21 per cent of girls and 22 per cent of boys have the opportunity to go to secondary school, and more than 50 per cent of the population don't have access to clean toilets.

Uganda's neighbours in East Africa

Local churches are already working across Uganda, bringing about incredible transformation in people’s lives. We truly believe that by supporting more and more churches across Uganda, to unlock the potential within the people in their community, we can see the nation changed.

What we are aiming for

Tearfund & New Wine partner The Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) is working with local churches in some of the poorest communities in Uganda. Their way of working isn’t about doing things for people, it’s about enabling people to do things for themselves. Through Bible study, training, and skills workshops, lives are being transformed. Over time, whole communities become able to provide for themselves. This unique development approach is called the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP).

Patrick, An example of change

Patrick's now a different man

Alcohol dependence was a normal part of Patrick's life. Poverty had stripped from him not just his livelihood, but his reason for living. His family was hungry, and there was no money for his children's school fees.

All this changed when the local church began a PEP project. Through Bible studies and workshops, Patrick started to see things differently. He broke free from alcohol addiction, and set about making the most of his own God-given skills and resources.

Project impact

Research undertaken shows that the project is likely to see the following impact in the communities in which PAG work:

Ugandan children have a brighter future thanks to PEP
  • 40% drop in the incidence of childhood diarrhoea
  • 50% increase in crop diversity (measured by the number of households growing at least four types of crop)
  • 50% drop in the number of households going to bed hungry
  • 30% increase in the level of hope for the future
  • 30% increase in the number of women who feel able to speak in community meetings

There is enormous potential to expand PEP across the country. Training more facilitators who can take the process into new areas will enable more communities to use local resources and transform lives.

Join us

PAG can help transform Uganda with your support

We would absolutely love you to sign up your church to become part of Change A Nation.

We need you to become a Change A Nation church, standing with us in prayer, believing that God is transforming Uganda.

What do you get when you join?

Your financial gifts are also needed and will train pastors and support staff to lead their community through the three year PEP process, equipping people to overcome poverty.

If you need more information, click here to read the Change A Nation FAQs, you can also find out about linking with a specific part of Uganda below.

link with a Region

If you want to be more connected to what is happening in one particular area of Uganda you can choose to link to one of the regions below.

We'd expect you to make a significant financial commitment in support of your region - around £1000 per year or more - and in return, we'd love to help you as you connect and visit your chosen region.

You'll hear your chosen region's news twice a year in addition to PAG's work across the nation of Uganda.

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