Change A Nation FAQs

FAQs for Churches

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church Leader information

Our church leaders information booklet tells you all about Change a nation. Feel free to print it out and share with others in your church.

What do I get?

Once signed up your church will receive a welcome pack with resources, a poster and certificate, and information on what to do next. You will also receive an email with login details, enabling you to track your fundraising progress online. As well as this you will receive regular updates on how your church’s support is changing lives.


If you're the Change a Nation scheme ambassador for your church, take a look at our resources especially for you.

Can we visit uganda with change a nation?

Yes. There are opportunities for a group from your church to visit or for individuals to join a group trip. Contact for more details.

How do we raise the money?

We suggest a launch service to get your congregation inspired about CAN. We have trained CAN speakers who can do this for you - just call us on 020 3906 3366 to arrange this.

On average, it's costs £3,000 a year, for 3 years to transform a Ugandan church and their community and we’d love you to take on the challenge of raising at least £1,000 per year for 3 years.

So, set yourself a target of £1,000+, tell us how much you are going to give from your central funds or mission budget and then encourage individuals to commit to giving regularly to CAN to bridge the gap.

You could also doing fundraising events of course to see even more lives changed - every £12 transforms another life, now that’s money well spent.  As your church gets behind the project, you may discover that you are able to raise the £3,000 or more!

Do I have to give money from my church when I sign up?

Not at all, all you need to do is make sure that you meet your fundraising target over the course of the year (from the date you signed up).

Can I spread out church payments throughout the year?

Yes absolutely, you can give whenever you like.

Do I have to encourage individuals in my church to sign up?

You don’t have to, but we believe that encouraging individuals to sign up to pray for and to give to CAN is the best way to get them bought in to the vision of changing the nation of Uganda.

How can we keep our church congregation engaged?

Get them signed up! - praying and giving is a great way to keep engaged; we’ll be able to send them and you regular updates on what’s going on with CAN.

We’d love you to use the updates to pray for CAN in small groups and church services and perhaps even to use some of their stories as sermon illustrations.

If you want to use the PEP Bible Studies in your church, you can download them here.

May they be an inspiration of what the Lord want to do in all of us!

What resources are available to help in our fundraising?

The Tearfund team have a whole team dedicated to support churches in fundraising and much more. Give the churches team a call on 020 3906 3366 to have a chat about what you can do and tell us what help you need!

How can I connect with other church leaders that are part of Change A Nation?

The best way to connect with the network of Nation Changers is through your local New Wine Leaders Group

If I have a question about Change A Nation, who can I ask?

Tearfund have a whole team dedicated to supporting churches in initiatives like Change a Nation and much more. Give them a call on 020 3906 3366.

FAQs for Individuals

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What do I get?

Once signed up you will receive a welcome pack with resources, a poster and certificate, and information on what to do next. You will also receive an email with login details, enabling you to track your fundraising progress online. As well as this you will receive regular updates on how your support is changing lives.

What if I sign up and my church doesn't?

That’s ok! We know that for many of us being part of the New Wine family is a bit of a personal pilgrimage with family and friends but not necessarily with our entire churches.

Our hope is that by being a Nation Changer, you’ll feel even more connected with New Wine and our vision of Local Churches Changing Nations - you’re part of our family.

What if my church signs up after me?

You may well be able to become a nation changer before your church is officially able to commit to twinning with a Ugandan church. If you get there first we’ll just send you an email when your church joins Change A Nation and we’ll link you to your church’s Ugandan twin.

What exactly does my £12 a month do?

We all know that education is one of the most important things we can invest in and with Change a Nation your financial investment pays for trainers who go and teach local churches across Uganda how to transform their lives and the lives of their communities. It’s that simple and that effective that every £12 you invest covers the cost of transforming another persons life.

Why did New Wine choose Uganda?

Members of the New Wine team were impacted powerfully on a recent trip to Uganda with Tearfund. Village after village, they experienced Tearfund’s partner PAG equipping local churches to lead their communities out of dire poverty. By enabling people to do things for themselves the stronghold of poverty is being broken down and God’s kingdom is being built up – all led by local churches and rooted in Christ. We knew God was calling us to partner with the Ugandan church to see their nation changed.

How can I see the progress of my money?

You’ll receive regular updates from us by email to tell you what’s going on and how your prayers and giving are changing the nation of Uganda. you’ll also be able to log in to the website to see exactly how much you’ve given and how many lives you’re transforming.