Every day thousands of people across India are lost to trafficking. Tearfund are working hard to protect vulnerable communities from these dangers.

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Why we're working there

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Thousands of vulnerable people in India are caught in the grip of traffickers. Forced labour and sex trafficking dominate our work in the country, women and children are forced into this dehumanising work by their poverty. It is estimated that one in every three of the 15,000 people involved in prostitution are children.

Although we are committed to helping these victims, we believe that the best thing we can do is stop children being trafficked in the first place - and we believe the best way of doing that is through the local church.

The aims of the project

Our work across India is diverse and covers both the rehabilitation of those who have been trafficked and the prevention of trafficking in the first place.

Our partners work across the country from the chaotic urban slums to the rural communities living way below the poverty line. Some of the key activities include:

  • Spiritual care: Having suffered terrible abuse, women trafficked into prostitution often have no self-esteem or self-worth. Participation in cell meetings, one-to-one prayer meetings and foundational Christian courses begins to give them back their identity.
  • Skills Training: Being knowledgeable of a trade not only gives women an avenue to help themselves out of desperate poverty and abuse but also boosts their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Education: Teaching sex workers how to read and write in Hindi enables them to become more independent. This project also provides education for the children of sex workers so that they can go to mainstream schools.
  • Self-help groups:Savings groups allow women to save together and borrow at low-interest, enabling them to start small businesses which help sustain their families during the agricultural low season.
  • Awareness training: Awareness training in schools and communities is helping people understand the risks of trafficking and see through deception tactics so often used by traffickers.

Project impact

  • £35 could provide one anti trafficking training session in a school, helping to keep a class of 30 children safe from the risk of trafficking.
  • £132 will pay for health classes for 210 women and children in the red light district, teaching them how to look after themselves.
  • £550 could help set up a vegetable nursery in a community, helping 60 children to get the food they need and stopping them having to work.

Join us

With your help we can give sex workers hope of a future free of abuse and neglect, restoring their self-esteem by building relationships with them and offering them life changing care and training.

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