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  • Hills and the valley near Nfasha

    Recovery in Nfasha

    Last September, after a year of drought, South West Uganda experienced heavy rainfall. As the water flowed down the valleys a mudslide hit Nfasha, Isaac’s village. Now Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme are helping them rebuild.

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  • A newly build water tank surrounded by a neat hedge

    Looking to the future

    It has been a tough year in parts for the Diocese of Kigezi, but people are rebuilding. The team at the Diocese have been planning the next phase of their project. Read all about it here.

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  • Joseph weeding 1

    Hope in the fields

    Joseph thought he was heading for an easy retirement working the land. But life as a farmer was much harder than expected. That was until he learnt about Farming God's way from Kigezi Diocese. Read how things changed here.

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  • Overcoming challenges

    A Summer update from the team at Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme. Read about some of the challenges that come with the rainy season.

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