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    A renewed relationship

    The Diocese of Kitgum is using the Faithful House approach to transform marriages and reduce the transmission of HIV. Read Brian and Florence’s story of transformation.

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    This season in the Diocese of Kitgum, they are working on the Faithful house approach to support married couples and strengthen relationships in communities. Find out more about what’s happening.

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  • A field of sunflowers beside a path with two cyclists looking on

    Helping Kitgum thrive

    Staff at the Diocese of Kitgum have working on different initiatives to transform lives. Read how there how they are helping people thrive.

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  • A round thatched house with clothes on the roof drying in the sun

    Lets take action

    The church in Atanga wanted to give their leader a new home. Thanks to CCM they realised that they had the resources to take action!

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  • A group of people sitting together on chairs and benches under a group of trees

    Life in all its fullness

    The Diocese of Kitgum is introducing Church and Community Mobilisation (CCM) to 32 new churches in the Diocese. Read about the first stage of the journey they are embarking on, and why it is so important.

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  • Members of the Paa Piwa group standing together in a field of sunflowers

    Renewed minds

    The members of Paa Piwa Mixed Savings Group did not have much hope for the future. That was before they took part in the CCM training their local church was offering. Thanks to the training, their minds were renewed and all sorts of things started happening as a result.

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  • Bishop Wilson Kitara

    A message from Bishop Wilson Kitara

    In November, Rev Wilson Kitara, the new Bishop of Kitgum visited the UK. Read what he had to say about the partnership the Diocese has with Tearfund and why the new CCT project is so significant.

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  • Williams church

    A living stone

    Nobody wanted to know William when he was growing up, but then he began taking part in CCT and realised he was precious to God. Read how it transformed his life.

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  • Janice and her husbands new house that they built

    An empowered woman

    Janice did not think she could achieve much. As she took part in CCT, she helped transform her whole family. Read how here.

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