Since the 1994 genocide, healing and restoration has come to Rwanda; but with almost 40% of the population living in poverty, there is much for Kigali Diocese to do.

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funding target £17400 of £30000

Why we're working there

Rwanda has made significant progress in recovering from the devastation of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi population and stable governance has helped the country greatly. However, 39.1 per cent of the population still live below the poverty line, with 16.3 per cent are classified as living in extreme poverty – lacking access to essential supplies and services.

A Rwandan pastor and his family
Church pastors are hungry for change

The Anglican Diocese of Kigali want to help change this - ensuring all families are able to access healthcare, clean water, and nutritious foods, whilst ensuring incomes increase livelihoods become stronger. They want to see hope grow.

And their potential impact is incredible.

The aims of the project

Through this project the Anglican Diocese of Kigali aim to directly benefit 3,780 households.

They will be using a process known as Church and Community Transformation to bring lasting change for families.

By coming together, communities are able to pool their vast wealth of local expertise. And meetings and workshops provide opportunities to identify the key issues people are facing - and a space to explore ways of tackling the root causes of these issues.

Daniel* found out about this amazing impact personally, after learning about the Church and Community Transformation process.

I came to know that everything is possible, I immediately changed my mindset and started looking on resources around me.


Daniel started renting a small area of wetland which cost him RwF 10,000 every six months. He planted tomatoes and when he came to harvest the crop, he raised RwF 200,000 - twenty times what he paid for the land.

With some of this money Daniel bought a bull and continued cultivating his land. A year later, Daniel sold the bull for RwF 135,000 and bought two more. Daniel has also planted a garden of green peppers which should increase his income again. Money he plans to use to provide health insurance, pay school fees, and maybe even build a home for his family.

*name changed to protect identity

Project impact

This project aims to directly benefit 3,780 households living in the Anglican Diocese of Kigali.

  • sharing the process in 13 new areas.
  • supporting 50 local churches, who have already started the process
  • training 63 local churches about Self Help Groups
  • forming 10 new Cluster Level Associations, who will help to support the Self Help Groups
  • planting 5 demonstration gardens, to help share different agricultural techniques
  • learning about different income generating activities
  • mobilising their resources to help provide access to community health insurance
  • working together to ensure clean, safe water and safe sanitation

And this is just the start.

It is hoped that the project will benefit a further 15,120 people indirectly - the family, friends and wider communities of those taking part in the process.

Join us

With 3,780 beneficiaries, a gift of just £18 could change someone’s life.

Worshipping at church in rwanda
the church can bring hope in Rwanda
  • A gift of just £350 could help to cover the cost of a year’s training for a Church and Community Transformation facilitator, who will guide the process in their community.
  • A gift of £1,700 could help to cover the cost of providing communities with training in modern agricultural and entrepreneurial skills.