Sagoal are working with local churches, to help them challenge stigma and become agents for positive change in their communities.
Local government is listening and providing the services the those living in poverty so desperately need.

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Why we're working there

Lake near Talchowk

The history of the Nepalese Church is marked by persecution, suffering and times of national turmoil. It is also a story of the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit and rapid church growth from a handful of Christians in the 1950s to an estimated 800,000 today.

Much of the Church’s growth is among low caste, poorly educated groups. Despite being eager to preach the Good News, many Nepali Christians haven’t considered demonstrating God’s love through practical action in their communities.

With Tearfund’s help, this is beginning to change. Local churches throughout the country are gaining a better understanding of biblically based mission and discipleship.

Your support will enable more local churches to be catalysts of change in their surrounding communities. Churches will be better equipped to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of others and to bring the love of Christ to their Hindu neighbours in a fresh way.

The aims of the project

Developing biblically based visions
Sagoal are working with churches to strengthen their biblical understanding of mission and develop a personal vision for their communities.

A church service with Sagoal

Practical training
Training local church ‘Core Groups’ in the key skills they need to work as a transformal force in their communities. These groups are learning vital leadership and networking skills, how to manage projects and finance, facilitation skills and local fundraising practices to ensure the Nepali Church is well equipped for the future. The groups are also armed to respond to the physical needs of their communities; they are trained in adult literacy, hygiene and sanitation, agriculture, and small business development.

Building confidence and preparing for independence
Supporting and accompanying local churches as they work with the community to identify key problems among the most vulnerable, mobilise local resources already available and take action to address priority issues. After 3 - 5 years of support from Sagoal, churches have the capacity to continue the work on their own.

Promoting sustainable church–based approaches to tackling poverty
Sagoal works with Bible colleges, other Christian organisations and networks to raise awareness and share learning on the practice of biblically based integral mission.

Project impact

Sagoal want to reach 12,000 people working through 74 church communities in rural Nepal.

16 ‘mother churches’ and a further 74 daughter churches (although numbers are growing) will have a strong biblical understanding and vision for addressing poverty issues in their communities. Core Groups will be formed in the ‘mother churches’ and will be equipped with the skills and confidence necessary to tackle poverty in a catalyst role over the long term.

Teaching sewing to young people

Approximately 12,000 people in different communities will receive direct benefit which addresses poverty issues in at least one area of their lives. Typically, churches and communities will start working together to tackle the priority issues they have identified, such as:

  • Provision of toilets and increasing basic hygiene awareness
  • Increasing local food production
  • Income generation for poor families
  • Starting savings and credit groups
  • Adult literacy

Church Core groups with which Sagoal has partnered for 3+ years have grown in ability and confidence. They are usually able to engage with people over a wider area. Their churches are recognised by local groups as major players on tackling poverty related issues. There will be increased awareness among poor communities about local government agencies and the support they should be providing. This results in improved transparency and accountability of local government and more resources for people most in need.

Communities can recognise and mobilise their own local resources and reduce dependence on outside assistance. More experienced Core Groups can help communities secure funding from local government for electricity, drinking water, irrigation and other significant work. There will be improved relationships and cooperation between Christians and the surrounding mainly Hindu population.

Join us


  • £4.50 could help an illiterate adult woman participate in church-run literacy training for 9 months (2 hrs/day, 6 days/week), helping her learn to read the Bible and write basic sentences.
  • £10 could cover the cost of a pastor attending a 3 day workshop. This will provide them with an orientation to CCM (including Bible studies) and enable him/her start working towards priority poverty needs with the community and without the need for outside help.
  • £24 could provide a poor family with a young goat (6 months old). The local church will contribute towards the cost and will assess which families are most in need. After 2 years a goat should produce 2-3 kids. One of each goat’s offspring will be given back to a community run scheme so that further families can benefit too. A 2 year old goat will provide enough meat to fund 4 months of food supplies for a family of 4.
  • £75 could provide agricultural, financial and marketing training for a family with follow-up after 12 months. This will improve their nutrition and encourage them to grow vegetables commercially, providing a new source of income to improve their standard of living.

Sagoal’s work with local churches will benefit around 12,000 people at a cost of £3.50 per person per year.