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  • CCMP members roof the classroom in Matongoro


    As 2019 draws to a close, the teams from the Dioceses of Mpwapwa and Kondoa reflect on the year gone by. They share their highlights, and what they are looking forward to as a new year approaches.

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  • Members of Matongoro church collecting stone to build their Pastor a house

    Making plans for the future

    It is a very dry season for the communities in Mpwapwa and Kondoa. A challenge which impacts people’s crops, livestock and drinking water. But as they consider ways of tackling poverty - they’re making plans for the future. Find out all they are up to - and join them in praying for the climate.

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  • A field of sunflowers

    A new perspective

    Around the Dioceses of Mpwapwa and Kondoa, people are using the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) to discover ways of tackling poverty. Dennis*, is a pastor, and what he found is transforming his perspective.

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  • A man standing in a field of small tomato plants with maize in the background

    A renewed relationship

    Edina and Stanley were living without hopes or dreams. But Edina began taking part in CCMP. Eventually she persuaded her husband to join in too. Once that happened so much more improved than just their income.

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  • Rows of bricks lying on the ground in the sun in front of a half finished building

    New projects and developments

    Communities in Mpwapwa and Kondoa are starting new projects and making progress with old ones. Read all about what they are doing here.

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  • A group of people standing together in front of a brick wall

    A season of change and challenge

    In the Dioceses of Mpwapwa and Kondoa communities are developing plans for the future. It’s a busy time, especially as planting season is underway in Tanzania. But drought in central regions brings other challenges.

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  • A group of people standing together in two rows

    An untapped resource

    In the Diocese of Mpwapwa one church have discovered huge potential. A way to use a piece of land that could benefit their whole community.

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  • Group photo of the church leaders

    New beginnings in Kondoa

    In Kondoa a group of churches are just about to start the Church and Community Mobilisation Process. Find out what they are doing to prepare.

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  • Rows of bricks

    The power of data

    In the Diocese of Mpwapwa a group of churches have been identifying how to best bring positive changes for their communities. Read on to find out more…

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