We work through hundreds of church-based and Christian partners across the world, who share our values and commitment to transforming lives in Jesus' name.
Those that are part of Connected Church, as well as doing great church based development work, have committed to building long lasting relationships with churches like yours.

We work through incredible, spirit-filled partners, dedicated to serving people in poverty, often at great personal cost and with a passion fuelled by personal commitment to Christ.

Isobel Peaty, Tearfund

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When you sign up to Connected Church you're becoming the Ambassador for your partner in your church.

Part of the reason for you choosing a Partner to support was probably to help your church connect more with poverty and God's heart for the oppressed and we're committed to helping you as you plan activities and events to get your church involved.

To get started have a look at our Ambassadors Section, we'll also send you a certificate and some bookmarks you can personalise and print out for your church and we'd love to talk to you about sending you a speaker as part of a launch event.

Then, in addition to emailing you when we have news from your partner (about every 3 months or so), we'll be on hand to support you with ideas and answer any questions you may have, by phone or email.

You can go and visit your partner, get them praying for you and even invite them here.

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

We love our current partners and would highly commend them to you for you to link with. However if you get the sense that God is stirring you to partner with us somewhere else in the world, talk to us about creating a Tailored Relationship together.

With a significant investment from you we are more able to begin new Connected Church relationships.