Brethren in Christ Church, Zambia

Recurring droughts and economic poverty are attacking Zambia.
Brethren in Christ Church Zambia (BICC-Z) is bringing hope - supplying communities with boreholes so they can reach the water they so desperately need.

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funding target £18267 of £20000

Why we're working there

Women and girls almost always collect the family's water in Zambia

Life in rural Zambia is tough. Very few have access to healthcare, education, or a safe water supply, and as a result many drink unsafe water. This of course leads to sanitation problems. Water borne diseases are common - diarrhoea is the largest killer of children under five.

High rates of HIV add an extra complication to this dire situation. People living with HIV suffer even more when proper hygiene practices are not followed, as diarrhoea reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, leading to malnutrition and making it much harder for to the body to fight back against the virus.

A hard choice: water or school

Often children, especially girls, are sent to collect water for their family. Dorcas and Mercy, sisters from Kankoyo village, walked to their nearest stream - 5km away - before school every day. For several months of the year even that stream was dried up so they would have to walk further still.

Because of their daily trek for water, Dorcas and Mercy found it increasingly difficult to get to school on time. They were constantly arriving late and tired, and they couldn't concentrate on their schoolwork.

Brethren in Christ Church Zambia - BICC-Z - wants to provide clean water in the villages, so children like Dorcas and Mercy can put school first. So people living with HIV can get the water they need to stay strong. So communities can protect themselves from drought and grow crops to feed their families.

The aims of the project

By the end of 2018 BICC-Z will provide 45 new boreholes for the neediest areas, where people walk miles and queue for hours to collect water. They will also train villagers in safe hygiene, to reduce rates of diarrhoea and teach skills like how to grow crops with limited access to water.

BICC-Z have already built a borehole in Mercy and Dorcas’ village - changing their lives forever.

'Since the well was built, we have lots of time to learn at school, play with friends and do our homework' Mercy
This borehole will change the girls' lives - and their future

Dorcas says, 'Animals also used to drink from the stream, and so the water was never properly clean. Now we always have clean water. We thank God for remembering us this way.'


In this three year project BICC-Z will be training people in how to drill a borehole, and how to maintain it. They will then be able to start a business, drilling other boreholes in surrounding communities.

To ensure that the boreholes are well looked after, groups will also be formed in each village, called Village Water Sanitation Hygiene and Education Committees (or V-WASHE). They will look after the water points in the area, and encourage people to maintain good hygiene and sanitation practices.

Getting the community involved is key to long-lasting change. As well as the V-WASHE committees, BICC-Z are launching Self Help Groups in the villages. These groups will do Bible studies together, learning about the resources that God has provided for them.

They will also save money together. Each week they will put small amounts of money in a pot that can then be lent out to group members as a loan for starting a business.

Through these initiatives BICC-Z are making sure that not only do villages in Zambia have access to clean water now, but they will have it for generations to come.

Project impact

About 1260 households will directly benefit from this project - that’s 7560 people! Or, as we prefer to think of it, 7560 lives changed thanks to you and BICC-Z.

The project will involve the following activities:

  • Drilling 27 mechanically drilled boreholes, and 18 hand-drilled ones
  • Training 30 borehole drillers - so they can provide an income for their families
  • Establishing V-WASHE committees in every village to maintain and look after the borehole
  • Setting up at least 30 Self Help groups, which will grow relationships in communities through Bible Studies and sharing their resources

How can you help? Could your church give towards this lifesaving work?

  • £805 would pay for the installation of a hand-drilled water pump in a village with no clean water
  • £537 would pay for a V-WASHE committee to have a 3-day training workshop, learning about how to prevent the spread of HIV in their community

Join us

Could you and your church join with BICC to bring clean water to Zambia? With your help, this year BICC will support 2520 people, at a cost of just £9.50 per person.

Join us today and help us bring transformation to communities on the brink of disaster.

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