Inspired to teach again

Rev. Charles Atwaru is a man with many roles; a teacher by profession, he is also a Youth Director for Busoga Pastorate and General Secretary of PAG’s Mayuge Zone; not to mention a husband to Martha and father to their eight children. He has been truly inspired by PEP.

“Before PEP, I felt like a wasted resource. I used to be a teacher in public schools in Busoga region, the pay was incredibly low; just USh 380,000 per month [about £80] and I was working such long hours, I had no time for God or my family. I was so stressed, working on a government salary and being tossed from one school to another on transfers, that I felt like quitting teaching.

Hope Learning Centre Schools
Charles' new venture that is starting thanks to PEP

But my life changed after visiting Soroti PEP Communities and taking part in the PEP training in Busoga. The bible studies opened my eyes to see the potential within me and the resources I had at my disposal. So I decided to retire from active service with the Government and carry on teaching as the proprietor of Hope Learning Centre Schools.

So far, I have opened up two primary and nursery schools. The first is located on my own land, we have already completed construction with a permanent building for it and 500 pupils in attendance. The second building is still under construction on land in Mayuge town, though we already have 100 pupils learning. In all this means I take care of 600 pupils from poor families across the Busoga region.

I am happy, active in ministry and doing well. Glory goes to God who brought PEP into our pastorate and all the facilitators for a job well done.

The new campus is also being prepared to work as a training centre for teachers. I currently employ 14 teachers. I can pay them all a good salary and still have enough for my family. Through practicing the Bible studies with teachers, pupils and parents, I have discovered my potential, empowering others.

Charles building his school
School construction
Building the new school buildings

I have also discovered that I can do more than just owning a school. I strategically learnt construction from the builders I hired to build my first school. Now I am able to build myself, with a few helpers to assist, saving me money. And I am not just involved in schools - I have also become the chairperson of human resources for Bugadde SACCO (a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation).

I am happy, active in ministry and doing well. Glory goes to God who brought PEP into our pastorate and all the facilitators for a job well done. We are fully awakened, empowered to see the great riches in our pastorate and our communities, and our future is brighter for the church, our families and our communities.

My plan for the future is to start a mobile money centre where parents, teachers and members of the community can access financial services. At the school, I would like to complete the dormitories, expand pit latrines and finalise the registration of the school with the Ministry for Education. All this as a result of three PEP Trainings and one exposure visit to Soroti.”

Please Pray:

  • Thank God for the transformation that has taken place in Charles’ life.
  • Pray that God will bless Charles as he runs his schools.
  • Pray that more people would experience the transformation that Charles has experienced.
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