Meet Simon Peter

Simon Peter

My name is Simon Peter, and I oversee the work of PAG in Uganda.

Thank you so much for supporting our work through New Wine and Tearfund. Your support is making it possible for us to empower people and awaken potential through the church across Uganda – and amazing things are happening as a result.

As you know, the training we give is on the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP), but this is just a name. In essence, this way of overcoming poverty is a lifestyle whereby people discover how to live positive, proactive, empowered and productive lives. And from this comes God’s shalom, his fullness of life.

I’m truly inspired by this work. I believe PEP is part of God’s plan for humanity – for us to be transformed on the inside by his spirit, and for this to flow out into our everyday lives!

Thanks to your support, this whole life transformation is taking place across Uganda among people like Rose…

Rose with some of her citrus trees.
Rose with some of her citrus trees.

A woman empowered

‘So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.’ (Genesis 1:27)

Rose, 43, was raised to believe men were the providers and women were fully dependent on them, and that was that. She’d always assumed she had nothing to offer.

Looking back, she describes this as ‘impoverished thinking,’ and recognises it as a root cause of her poverty. ‘I always expected help to come from the people around me,’ she says.

Rose and her husband outside their family home complete with the safe, solid iron roof Rose helped pay for.
Rose and her husband outside their family home complete with the safe, solid iron roof Rose helped pay for.

The PEP Bible studies opened Rose’s eyes and she started to see herself and the possibilities for her life in a new light – God’s light.

‘I recognised that God had created me with ability, able to do things for myself and my family,’ says Rose.

Inspired, Rose started to make bricks and was eventually able to sell 2,000 of them, earning enough money to extend her tiny house and replace the thatched roof with a metal one. The new roof means her house is safer and more secure than before, and is easier and cheaper to maintain.

Since then, Rose has started breeding turkeys as well as growing and selling citrus fruit. She’s a successful business-woman, as well as making a huge contribution to the well-being of her family. She’s an inspiration to the whole community.

A community transformed

Rose has rallied a group of 36 people from church to start a free-range chicken farm to improve livelihood opportunities locally, as well as pool resources to build a new pit latrine at the church.

In addition, a group of women have formed their own self-help group inspired by the success of Rose. They have been saving money and breeding pigs, and are going from strength to strength!

This story shows the power of PEP. Once it starts, it just doesn’t stop!

Thanks to you, incredible things like this are happening in more than 230 communities across Uganda.

  • Please pray for the team at PAG as we work through the church to wake up the potential of people like Rose. Pray for energy, wisdom and good relationships with church leaders.
  • Pray for Rose and her village – that the good work started there will continue and God’s holistic transformation will permeate the whole community.
  • We find that the younger, newer church congregations are inspired by PEP, but the older churches are too set in their ways to try it. Pray for these older churches, that they’ll be inspired by God’s spirit to be part of this exciting movement of change.
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