Cambodian Hope Organisation

Poverty leaves people vulnerable to being trafficked.
CHO are working in Cambodia to combat poverty and prevent trafficking.

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funding target £27650 of £60000

Why we're working there

Human trafficking and labour exploitation destroy life, taking away the fullness that God wants for all of us.

Vulnerable adults and children are manipulated by both their circumstances and abusers into feeling hopeless, worthless, and forgotten.

The potential for this is never far from children like Euon. Her father left when she was a baby and her mother struggles with mental health issues, so at just 15 she is the sole provider for her family.

Her main source of income comes from selling herbs, but this means she has to go into the forest alone after school to collect the plants. This puts her in great danger; traffickers target young girls alone on the edge of villages. Euon had no idea of the huge risk she was taking each day.

Cambodian Hope Organisation (CHO) are training local Christians to help protect vulnerable villages from traffickers. They have been running awareness workshops in Euon’s village and since attending she has leant about the dangers of traffickers, and how to protect herself. She is sharing her new knowledge with all of her friends, giving them all a greater hope for the future.

With your help we can we can work to prevent trafficking and reduce exploitation of children like Euon.

The aims of the project

Cambodian Hope Organisation understand that the root cause trafficking is poverty. If families had sustainable livelihoods, they would not need to search for work elsewhere, and so would not be vulnerable to trafficking.

CHO believes that through the church, many women and children will be protected from exploitation by giving them skills to earn an alternative, sustainable income. They will strengthen local churches and christians to be catalysts for sustainable change in their communities, helping them in areas of health, self-help groups, anti-trafficking, domestic violence awareness, food security, agriculture and animal husbandry.

This will be achieved through the Chet Tai Muay programme, meaning ‘being one at heart’, designed to mobilise the church.

Alongside this, families will be more secure and less likely to fall into the traps of traffickers as a result of better awareness.

Project impact

What are CHO aiming to do?

Church leaders from 40 villages will be trained to use their skills and gather resources to implement projects to help the whole community.

413 members of Christian Core Groups and Self Help Groups will directly benefit from the initial ‘envisioning’ stage, they will learn about identifying the needs of their communities.

Money will be provided to help start projects in 20 villages to improve livelihoods.

A five year Community Vision will be developed in 40 villages and 40 partner churches and 15 village leaders will improve their knowledge of leadership, not only in their churches but also in their communities.

Seven partner staff will learn how to deliver training on calling the church to action, and on how to train people on child protection and other topics, such as agriculture, to help the communities.



  • £43 provides seeds and other agricultural equipment for vulnerable families in one village, giving them a livelihood without any risk.
  • £120 will facilitate a Chet Tai Muay workshop for five CHO staff members, enabling them to deliver training which will transform communities.
  • £2,429 will give training on facilitation skills for church leaders from 40 villages who will then be able to use their skills to gather resources to implement projects to help the whole community.

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